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Aquarius has a very complicated emotional nature, his sensuality depends totally on his own imagination. He enjoys dreaming about something peculiar and exiting, especially in youth. He will halo his beloved; create a mystical image in his mind that doesn't usually correspond to reality. In other words, he often idealizes his soul mate, then gets disappointed and abandons his love to become friends with his ex-lover.

Some get used to a 'comparatively happy' life, in which sentimentality doesn't play an important role. Others do their best to conceal vulnerable soul under a cold appearance, may become cynic, even violent, but this is quite rare.

Love horoscope Aquarius claims that the only trap for this sign is a craving for prestige. He is extremely ambitious and likes 'to show off'. A thought that love can influence him as a person is an illusion. He may not get involved, stand aside.

Aquarius always returns to his primary affection and friendship. He never troubles his partner by hate or anger. He wants to feel free, even more than Gemini and Libra. Love horoscope Aquarius explains that freedom is essential in the relationship.

Aquarius rarely wears wedding rings. If he feels enslaved, he thinks only of getting released and he prepares his liberation silently. Love horoscope Aquarius manifests the highest percentage of divorces. Aquarius is more likely to give himself for the company of people than to get devoted to one person. He may even give more to strangers than to his own family.

An Aquarius woman may be stubborn in love questions; she may ignore the opinion of society, religion, nationality. As men, they also long for freedom. Love horoscope Aquarius highlights extreme feminity and sensuality of these women. If she gets disappointed with a man, her passion may disappear. However, if he tries to reestablish a good relationship, she'll do her best to help him.

A warning to Aquarius: don't sacrifice love for the sake of friendship.

For love, friendship and partnership love horoscope Aquarius advises to seek Libra, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini. You should avoid Taurus and Scorpio.

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