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Cancer is the most sensitive and emotional of all the 12 signs. He may lead the most exiting or the most terrible life. His success as a person depends on how he'll solve the problem of relationship with his mother and whether he'll become independent from her or not.

Love horoscope Cancer asserts that he sometimes rejects the physiological aspect of love. It's easier for a woman to be a Cancer than for a man, as women become mothers themselves.

In youth Cancer is a romantic person and dream of ideal love. He is a calm water sign. His imagination usually passes ahead of his life experience. When he sees his first desire fulfilled, his sensitiveness and deep feelings make him a gorgeous tender lover.

In every sexual relation he is looking for exceptional striking love, understanding and support. In return, he is ready to give himself and to lavish care and tenderness upon his partner.

Love horoscope Cancer warns that this romantic person may be tyrannical and possessive. But usually he is the first to feel the blow or disappointment; he leaves the hostile world for the company of his mother or looks for rescue in solitude.

A Cancer man may be quiet, peaceful and simple; his love is faithful and firm. Such a man will make a wonderful husband and father, devoted to his family.

But Cancer may also be capricious, delicate, complicated and enigmatic. This type of man creates problems for himself. He may be wandering from one woman to another, looking for his ideal bride, or suffering from fatal unrequited love.

Love horoscope Cancer predicts that some will find a woman, who is older and more experienced than he himself. She will be capable of revealing his lyrical and philosophic potential. And she will do it by means of conciliation and support. In that case the feedback of Cancer is enormous.

A Cancer woman can also be of two different types: the one who is charming, tender, too timid, a bit cocky with outbursts of childish irritation, and the one who is trying to be the winner and pretending to be on the podium and inaccessible for her admires. The first type may become too submissive, overestimating a man, looking for an ideal father in him, this woman sometimes takes too much care of her children.

Men, as well as women, are inclined to devote all their lives to their dear friend. They are ideal partners, if they feel that they are loved, or the most terrible people to deal with, if they suffer from lack of love, living a hard life themselves.

Love horoscope Cancer says this is the only sign, who can get along with everyone, but he will be especially happy with Scorpio, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.Cancer

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