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Capricorn is like a red wine, growing older, may greatly improve himself, becoming more relaxed and less reserved. Love horoscope Capricorn foresees some communicational problems in youth. He is distant with people and resists the infatuation, as he is afraid to loose the devoted person and to suffer. His instincts are not revealed for a long time. In fact, he is satisfied with minimum of pleasure, because wants minimum of pain. But a mask of ice indifference may conceal the strongest passion, which is restrained in order to be free from dangerous feelings. Love horoscope Capricorn predicts frustrations of any kind as a result of such behavior.

Some will try to fill emptiness inside, willing to gain power, or entertain themselves by collecting different things. Others become silent and may have serious nervous problems in a desert of egoism and avarice.

Capricorn may resign himself to such a fate, living unhappily in solitude, as though indifference was a natural human state, or claim his loneliness to be a poof of his virtue and conceal dogmatism and acrimony under cover of false kindness.

Capricorn may suffer from some painful events, happened in the past. He refuses to forget a betrayal. Love horoscope Capricorn describes this sign as faithful, loyal, living a very vulnerable life.

Capricorn may live a lonely life, without love, for a long time, up to 40-50 years. Then, he opens his mind to all that he rejected in the past. He begins to live a new exciting life.

Love horoscope Capricorn singles out that there are two extremes of this sign: fury and reserve, indifference and wild jealousy, self-denial and frivolity, shyness and striking pornography.

Many men hate women and remain old bachelors. If they look at a woman, they seek honesty, reliability; usually find their soul mates among the colleagues. A Capricorn man prefers a woman older than he, with stable financial status, not capricious, some one who is calm, who is able to keep an order and don't spend much. Capricorn doesn't permit scandals and quarrels to ruin his life, never get divorced. A wife will never get to know about his secret romance. But there is no better partner in an old age as he.

A Capricorn woman may be very brutal. She hates the role of a housewife, she prefers to build a successful career and to be independent than to fall in love with a handsome guy. She is not likely to give herself for the passion, gets married to improve her financial or social situation.

Love horoscope Capricorn mentions that some women pretend to be a 'Cinderella'; they want to be loved as they find themselves attractive.

But a Capricorn woman may also be a quiet and tender wife.

If a lover-Capricorn is not successful, he or she is most probable to become reconciled to it. Remote instincts are his secret weapon. Love horoscope Capricorn states he suffers less than other signs.

In emotional communication Capricorn should look for Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. A partnership with Scorpio is especially favorable. You should avoid Gemini and Cancer.

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