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Love horoscope
To love a Gemini man is a very easy and pleasant thing, if you don't sacrifice your whole life for the passion. You must have realized that Gemini have a mysterious spiritual nature, peculiar to them only, and that probably attracts you most.

Love horoscope Gemini gives you some advice to perfection your alliance with this sign. You shouldn't complicate and dramatize the relationship; you should take it easy and simple. Don't make them bored and try to evoke their imagination. You shouldn't manifest your displeasure about the possible change of mind, but you should change together with them. Love horoscope Gemini suggests you should be a vivid interesting talker, because the most important thing for Gemini is an intellectual level of the partner. As a matter of fact, Gemini prefer witty mind to lovely clothes.

Gemini usually get married several times, but the later the marriage is, the more probable the success of it is.

Gemini are capable of reading other people secret thoughts. Take care!

A Gemini man in love can bring into a relationship the feeling of security, to protect you from the outer world. Gemini are always ready to help. But every rule has an exception, alas!

Secret love affairs are usually a failure, says love horoscope Gemini. So you'd better don't start it at all. The feelings are superficial in that case.

Being very young, a Gemini woman is absolutely unpredictable and love for her is only a game. But the older she becomes, the more interesting she is sociably.

She shows her best in love, as love is the sphere, where her complicated feminine nature is revealed in the most gorgeous and surprising way.

She is sentimental and romantic, charming and intelligent. No one will compete with her love imagination and creativeness. You won't get bored with her.

To absolutely sure about the fidelity of a Gemini woman, love horoscope Gemini encourage you to be constantly near her, to remind her of responsibilities to the partner. As she can't manage her emotions sometimes and she has a changeable mood.

Gemini are attracted by Aquarius and Libra and rarely reach a mutual understanding with Taurus. Love horoscope Gemini advises to look for Leo, Aries, Cancer and to avoid Pisces and Scorpio.

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