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Leo is the sign that praises the honor of a man, at least in cases when a man is allowed to create an empire, a dynasty.

For a Leo woman it's difficult to put into life her romantic dream and secret ambition: to find a man that will raise her to the throne she has the right to be. Usually she is trying to get married to a man who is on the top of the social ladder. She may be looking for a long time for the man she really wants: an intellectual who has enough money to make her look great and be the queen of the house. She thinks love is a trump-card in the game of life and she may hold in her emotions to achieve success.

A Leo woman thinks she is beautiful and often it's really so. She is afraid of giving herself physically because of the fear to loose her beauty. Love horoscope Leo warns about possible nervous problems at about 30 years old as a result of marriage for money.

A Leo man can be the sincerest and the most generous lover and admirer. He may be not very tender but very passionate. He is willing to find a woman that deserves his romantic compliments and endeavours. He believes he was born to live a passionate adventurous life and he is looking for a woman who is worth introducing into it. He can't imagine himself being rejected by anyone. Love horoscope Leo encourages you to admire him, pay a good compliment to Leo and he is in your arms!

A love for Leo is a holiday, exaltation. Leo's appetite is enormous, he is persistent in his wishes, if he suffers, his pain is deep, he sees no use in being undecided and doubting about feelings and different situations. Love horoscope Leo notifies in advance: he doesn't like when someone is standing in his way.

If Leo is not loved, he can't make another choice, his anger is destructive. On the other hand, no woman can influence the life of a Leo man. If she prevents him from making a good career or achieving success in business, Leo will break up the relation, even if it means being alone for him.

Love horoscope Leo admits that this king sign may allow his partner to be a leader at home, when no one sees it. A successful Leo may be the most appeasable husband in the world. An unlucky fellow is likely to be the most terrible tyrant in private relations, restive, pompous. He may insult his partner and blame her for all his failures in life.

Love horoscope Leo suggests making the choice in favor of love in the struggle between affection and social status. When the choice is made, you should be able to manage your vanity.

Leo is happy with Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini and Libra.

Love horoscope Leo advises to avoid Scorpio and Taurus in friendship and marriage.

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