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Love horoscope Libra highlights the importance of marriage. This sign, more than others, needs a stable alliance for a happy life.

Libra is a kind of bridge between an intellectually-oriented Virgo and Scorpio, guided by emotional desires. This is a suspension bridge, however, that is swaying to and fro. It means poor energy, a lack of physical power. Love horoscope Libra foresees heath problems in old age. Though, they may not be very serious.

Libra is not likely to love from the first sight; they don't put intimacy on the front burner.

Libra is sentimental, simply can't but be a tender lover. A need to be approved in society may make them prefer a pretty face or a well-established social status to deep emotions and love compatibility. They marry only partly for love and partly for convenience.

Love horoscope Libra emphasizes such qualities of this sign as tolerance, ability to get along with anybody and to appeal to anyone.

Libra is agreeable and sociable. Their body lacks wild instincts; their imagination should be supported by striking pictures or even pornography. They do their best not to be alone and to be able to communicate with people.

A Libra woman is tender and charming, may get along with any man, her self-denial may even turn into masochism. She is an ideal helpmate, finding happiness in her husband's success. But she may abandon her affection if she doesn't feel that she is loved. She consoles herself quickly with a new romance.

A Libra man doesn't make a conqueror of himself, he expects a woman to make the first step. If a woman doesn't initiate a relation, he feels himself out of place and rejected. He gives up and begins to look for happiness otherwise.

Libra is inclined to seduce anyone any time, being completely sure he is wanted and is the center of attention of the partner.

You won't probably find a more charming, generous and tolerant lover. In case of unlucky love experience, Libra becomes somber and cold. It's easy to influence him. Love horoscope Libra stipulates that a man of this sign relies upon a woman in his success and business goals.

A man and also a woman may be hesitating to choose one love between two affections that may seem both equally necessary. Sometimes they try to combine two infatuations all their life and to make both objects of love simple friends.

To make a choice Libra should learn to love deeply, to take a decision, guided by feelings and emotions.

The most compatible with this sign are Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Gemini. Love horoscope Libra advises to avoid Cancer and Capricorn.

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