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Love horoscope
As many variants, as fish in the sea. Love horoscope Pisces sets a wide range of characters: from Don Juan, a shark in the ocean of love, to a silently suffering victim of passions.

A Pisces woman may also be different: romantic, mystic, brutal or kind and faithful, who seems too good to be real.

Pisces may adore their 'divine creature' without opening their heart and revealing their feelings. This imaginary love may be an important part of their life. They may be head over heels in love or not to love at all, this may be a paradise of a hell.

There is no more complicated heart than that of Pisces. It is kind, enigmatic, broad and inscrutable like the sea. It's full of various impulses. Love comes secretly and grows insensibly. Love horoscope Pisces says it's difficult to define when it began and when ended. Pisces pretend to be indifferent but it means that they want to hide their reserve. In fact, they are afraid to be tied up for a long time. They are able to sustain platonic long-term relations and pursuit towards an ideal image of their beloved, created in their mind. But sometimes they prove to be extremely passionate, their sensuality is strong and catching.

Pisces are not conquerors by nature; they prefer to be chosen by their partners. But to gain their affection you should prove that you like only them, not any other person. Pisces are not likely to fight with their rivals; they'd rather withdraw from a competition and wish you to be happy with another man. They prefer to sacrifice their love than to make a scene of jealousy. Love horoscope Pisces states the main problem is to begin a relation and also to end it.

Pisces are often hesitating whether to stay together, to break up or to renew relations. Pisces are silent and gloomy sometimes. They happen to fall in love with defective people, moral or physical cripples that they are willing to rescue by their love. Love for Pisces means help, they should feel themselves desired, and in that way they are happy. If it is really so, there is no more faithful, appeasable and forgiving partner.

Love horoscope Pisces gives a piece of advice: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Why not following it?

Pisces are happy with Virgo, Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn, understand Scorpio without words. You should avoid Libra and Gemini.

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