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The heat of Sagittarius doesn't look like ardor of Leo and Aries. This is a fire, burning under ashes. The carbons are already burnt-out but the fire is not snuffed out yet. The passion is burning inside. Love horoscope Sagittarius says this changeable sign is capable of unpredictable spontaneous actions.

Some direct their arrows up to the top of spiritual development, considering a physical side of love to be a kind of mystical abstraction. They highly estimate social status. They seek a partner that occupies a higher position in society than they themselves. In return, they give their passion and devotion.

Others are conquerors by nature; love for them is a kind of sport, adventure, ecstasy. This is a Don Juan, love horoscope Sagittarius explains. An arrow and a target is the same thing in the long run, aimed at his own heart.

A Sagittarius man likes comfort, an atmosphere of easiness and luxury, chooses a woman that doesn't only raises his self-esteem, but is also a brilliant housewife, capable of managing the house work, when her husband is away. They may be wonderful fathers and defenders. But love horoscope Sagittarius says they are possible to be the most unfaithful husbands, considering their infidelity to be a male prerogative.

Sagittarius may have outburst of wild jealousy, when he sees his partner jealous. He never forgives betrayal, especially when he thinks that others know about it. Sagittarius can't stand scandals and quarrels and does his best to avoid them.

A Sagittarius woman is extremely proud of herself, sometimes bellicose and aggressive. She pretends to be a majestic baroness, willing to be loved by a man that she will love and respect and make her baron.

A Sagittarius woman loves to be praised and idolized by men. She simply can't live without being admired. She never forgives a betrayal, but does her utmost to avoid a scandal. Other women don't want to be attached to anyone and prefer free love to marriage.

Generally, Sagittarius is looking for a distinguished partner that differs from the others, at least from people he is used to mix up in every day life. They may choose a person of other social status, of other race and religion. Love horoscope Sagittarius admits that representatives of this sign are ready to move to another country and to live in exile with their beloved.

Sagittarius is happy with Gemini, Aries, Aquarius, Libra and Leo. He tries to avoid Virgo all the time.

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