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Scorpio is a passionate nature, has a bent for extremes of all kind, including love. It seems he is just made for it. He is longing for love by all his nature.

Scorpio can't stand any defeat. He has a high opinion of himself and knows he is attractive and charming.

He is self-assured and independent, acts according to what his heart says. If any obstacles prevent him from getting married, he will love his darling even more than the real wife and husband.

A Scorpio man is not inclined to open his heart to people. Among strangers he may behave roughly, neglect his partner and be even violent, but tete-a-tete he will reveal his real feelings. Love horoscope Scorpio explains he is very suspicious, mistrustful and jealous.

A Scorpio woman is a kind of witch. With the help of some secret feeling she is able to recognize her soul mate at first glance. He will have nothing to do but obey to her magical charms.

Love horoscope Scorpio emphasizes once again that a woman of this sign is extremely passionate. And that concerns not only love, but every day life as well. Her feelings are stormy and wild. Her love is passionate, her hate is violent.

A Scorpio woman can't stand her partner being jealous, at the same time she is extremely jealous herself. Love horoscope Scorpio confesses it's difficult to refrain from jealousy, as Scorpio attracts everybody's attention.

You will make a good marriage and partnership with Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Virgo. Love horoscope Scorpio suggests you should avoid Aquarius and Leo.

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