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Taurus is a dreamer; gets infatuated before a real love story begins. When it happens, he needs some time to wake up, to open his mind to the reality, to another person. Then he is ready for real love.

Love horoscope Taurus mentions that even being at a mature age, he is cautious about starting a new romance. His passion grows steadily and slowly, but when his feelings awaken, he becomes the most passionate sign of the Zodiac, never going back on his choice.

For Taurus feelings and wishes is the same thing. His passion is deep and overwhelming; he keeps on going till the end, no matter how bitter this end can be. Taurus can't be stopped in his pursuit towards love neither by criticism, nor by inconveniences or obstacles of any type. Love horoscope Taurus highlights the importance of this sphere for this sign, usually very practical and rational.

Sensitiveness of Taurus is something more than simple sexual desire, it may be seen in everything that concerns love relations: clothes, expression of the face, perfume and tone of the voice. Love of Taurus has a touching intimacy and isolation of a deserted island in sun shine and a charming mysticism of a dark warm cave. His love is tender, not complicated by anything and can last for a long time.

Taurus wants to possess the mind of the beloved and, at the same time, to give all his life to his dear friend.

If the reality fails to come up to the ideal, Taurus is experiencing a hell of jealousy, depression and doesn't want any entertainment or diversion. Love horoscope Taurus reveals other 'extremes' such as: philandering, alcoholism, gluttony, but this is quite rare.

A Taurus woman is longing for admiration and proofs of love, showed by the admirer. When she is completely sure that the love is real, she becomes more even-tempered, tender and lively. They usually know how to keep a man.

A Taurus man is usually warmer, thoughtful, he is a faithful lover, but possessive by nature. He likes to satisfy all the needs of his darling and even to give luxurious presents to her. But he is not eager to compete with other men for the affection of his beloved, he is not willing to compromise and he never forgets and forgives infidelity or betrayal.

A romance with Taurus is sometimes complicated and may turn into a difficult situation. Love horoscope Taurus says the marriage is harmonious and a divorce is not probable.

Taurus will make a tender parent, taking care of his child with great pleasure. He likes to be closer to his child than his partner.

Taurus is good at establishing a harmonious family life, he can't stand quarrels, may be a little dictatorial towards children.

Sentimental Taurus and Scorpio are the two opposites that match. Love horoscope Taurus doubts about a very good alliance with Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius.

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